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Triple C Recruitment

Triple C Recruitment was founded with the legal fraternity’s best interest at heart. Triple C can give Candidates and Clients abundant Choices in terms of career opportunities and the ideal Candidate for each opportunity. Triple C prides itself in being a perfect partner to enable its Clients and Candidates and to take advantage of available opportunities to ensure a successful career Move always.

Triple C is responsible for attracting Candidates and matching them to temporary or permanent positions within a variety Client companies. Triple C works very closely with Client companies in building relationships to gain a better understanding of their recruitment needs and the Client’s overall recruitment strategy.  Triple C visit Clients to constantly work on developing and building a good working relationship, a good understanding of Client companies, Client industry, Client’s company culture and business environment. Triple C strives to attract top quality Candidates in a wide range of sectors through, advertising, marketing, networking and headhunting. At Triple C Candidates are thoroughly screened, interviewed, and a detailed background check is conducted to ensure an ideal match between the Candidate, the opportunity and Client.

Triple C aims to always strike a balance between Clients and Candidates expectations in relation to the available opportunity and provide advice to both Clients and Candidates on salary levels, training requirements and career opportunities through research and networking thus ensuring a balance of probabilities always. Triple C always offer advice to both Clients and Candidates on developments regarding salary rates, training and career progression, reviewing on recruitment policies to ensure effectiveness of selection techniques and recruitment packages, whilst working towards assisting the Client on being a competitive employer.

Sue Ermacora

Sue has over 20 years’ experience in the legal recruitment industry.   She was qualified on the Targeted Selection Recruitment system which is the most accurate, widely used behavioural interviewing system in the world. It provides a consistent, structured approach to behavioural interviewing, while offering great delivery flexibility.

She enhanced her experience in a Corporate environment in the role of HR officer, enabling a holistic approach to recruitment. She returned to Legal Recruitment and has since established herself in legal recruitment, as this area has always been her passion.

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